The Care Oncology Clinic is a London based cancer clinic offering cancer treatments that aim to fight patients’ disease while preserving an acceptable quality of life

Why do cancer patients need new treatment options?

For some patients standard cancer treatments may no longer help. This can be for many reasons; for example the patient may become intolerant to treatment, the treatment may not be available or the treatment may no longer be working.

What can the Care Oncology Clinic offer me?

The Care Oncology Clinic is a leading London cancer clinic, providing treatments that can complement your existing cancer treatment, but have fewer side effects, thereby offering an improved quality of life.

The Care Oncology Clinic is staffed by a team of leading oncologists and palliative care doctors, who are currently offering this cancer treatment.

The medicines used have already been used by large numbers of people for long periods of time. This means that their side effects are well understood and easily managed. In addition, individually, each of these medicines has been shown to have an impact upon cancer cells.

The Care Oncology Clinic uses combinations of these medicines in treating patients. Data on patient outcomes will be reported.

How can I find out more about the cancer treatment ?

If you are interested in hearing more about our cancer treatment , or finding out if you are eligible to attend the clinic, please call +44 (0)207 580 3266 or email us at to speak to a member of our team.