Care Oncology Clinic’s leading oncology consultants offer medical treatments that provide an acceptable quality of life, while fighting the disease.

Patients, for whom the standard oncology treatment regime is not viable, tolerable, available or providing benefit, are able to access medical treatment at our clinic, using existing medicines administered by leading oncologists or palliative care doctors.

Cancer cells differ substantially from normal cells in the way they metabolise food to energy.  These differences are well established and the existing prescription medicines target these processes.

These existing prescription medicines have

been used by a large number of people over a long period of time. They have known and acceptable side effects. An acceptable quality of life while fighting the disease is one of the clinic’s main objectives.

The long-term use in humans has enabled data to be gathered that shows that the processes targeted by these prescription medicines have a beneficial impact on cancer.

The data needs to be more formally collected and

analysed using standard procedures and processes. The Clinic will be studying the effects of these medicines in various different cancers, while treating patients at the same time. This data will then be shared with the wider community.
Care Oncology Clinics is an independent organisation offering private oncology treatments.

Patients, who wish to attend the clinic, may be sent to the clinic by their health care professional. Patients needing assistance with this process should contact us.