Dr R. Saso

Haemato-Oncologist/Transplant Physician

Dr Saso was born, educated and medically trained in Yugoslavia. He worked in different university hospitals as a junior doctor at home and abroad (USA, UK) and completed his postgraduate studies at the Immunology Research Centre, University of Belgrade.

Going forward, he worked on studies in the field of haematology, immunochemistry and neuro-immunology. His research focused on defining and staging lympho-proliferative diseases, as well as acute leukaemias, CML, AA/PNH and MDS and he completed his training in internal medicine, haematology/oncology at home and abroad.

He spent a year as a British Council Scholar at St Thomas’ Hospital and RPMS at Hammersmith Hospital. In addition to gaining clinical experience, he furthered his studies in internal medicine and haematology. He also undertook research on the role of different lymphokines and soluble factors in antigen presentation and T-lymphocyte proliferation. Results of the research were presented at the annual BSI Congress.

After obtaining his doctorate, he was promoted to Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine/Haematology in 1991 at the University of Saints Cyril & Methodius, Skopje.

In 1992, supported by the British Council, he returned to the UK and continued his work and professional development in haemato-oncology, initially at St George’s, and since then, at several other leading UK teaching hospitals and cancer centres.

Dr Saso’s long-term interest is in haemato-oncology and bone marrow transplantation. During the course of his career he has introduced new treatment modalities and diagnostic methods in haemato-oncology. He also helped to establish and run  the Anticoagulant Clinic at the Royal Brompton Hospital.  He has published many papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented his work at international conferences and meetings (ASH, BSH, EBMT etc).