Personalised, targeted strategies to increase the potential for positive cancer outcomes


COC Plus

The Nutrition and Supplement Guidance You've Been Waiting for from Experienced Oncologists

COC Plus is a completely new programme, designed to complement our existing Care Oncology service that you are already part of.It centres on key markers of metabolic and inflammatory health which, if optimised, may drive improved cancer outcomes.


Our aim has always been to empower patients to understand more about their metabolic health. COC Plus enables you to do this objectively by measuring key data collected from a targeted questionnaire and a bespoke panel of blood tests not typically ordered in routine exams. From this information, our physicians will highlight what you are doing well, where you may be at risk and what you can focus on today to help improve your scores. 


During the consultation, your COC Doctor will analyse all your outputs from the blood results and questionnaire. This enables them to weigh up additional strategies to help optimise your levels and overall health. These include:

  • personalised lifestyle advice (e.g., around diet, exercise, sleep, stress).
  • consideration of certain evidence-based supplements. 
  • potential adjustment of your COC Protocol medications and doses. 


*Please note, the cost of your lab tests is separate from your consultation with the physician, and will be billed separately by the laboratory

How it Works

Step 1


If you are an existing UK based patient at Care Oncology, to get started, press the “Proceed to COC Plus” button above to complete your enrolment form and proceed to payment. 

Step 2

Complete Questionnaire

Once enrolled, we will ask you to complete the targeted medical questionnaire. This provides us with specific metrics (in addition to the bespoke blood panel) which are tracked over time to measure your progress. 

Step 3

Blood Test Panel

Once you have completed your heath questionnaire, you’ll be able to place an online order for your blood test panel. This is an all-important tool to help evaluate whole-body health and risk of cancer progression or recurrence. You will be able to book a visit from a specialist phlebotomy nurse to draw bloods at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home.

Step 4

Initial Consultation

Following receipt of your blood panel results, we’ll schedule your initial consultation COC Plus consultation. To keep arrangements as seamless as possible, we will seek to integrate the timing of this with your existing COC follow up appointment schedule.

Step 5

Personalised Care Plan

Your plan includes in-depth analysis of your modifiable risk factors, practical advice, and recommendations, together with relevant prescriptions.

Continuous Support

Once enrolled, you can stay on the COC Plus programme for as long as you need, to continuously measure your progress and implement positive changes. You also have the option to move back to the COC core programme at any time, and then transition back to COC Plus again in future.


Continuous Support: As with your current COC service, you have a line into your doctor and the whole Clinical Team whenever required, for any questions or concerns relating to the COC Plus programme, treatments prescribed, or lifestyle recommendations made.