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Welcome to the Care Oncology Clinic

Thank you for contacting Care Oncology Clinic.

Please note that on submission of your enquiry form you will have been sent and email containing introductory information including a link to this page. If you haven’t received an email, please check your junk/spam folders in case it has been caught be email filters.

Please continue with the questionnaire below if you are ready and wish to proceed directly towards arranging an appointment and have the baseline medical information ready for upload .

Thank you for contacting the Care Oncology Clinic.   Based on the information you have provided, you are located in Europe. We can confirm that we are able to consult with patients in European countries via video (Zoom Telehealth). 

The questionnaire will save as you go within the browser memory on your device so you can take your time and the information entered will remain as long as you don’t clear the browser cache.

We have spread the questionnaire over 8 pages. Each page is simple and hopefully not too overwhelming! We validate your entries as you go.

The questionnaire includes upload of key information on step 7 – please have the following documents ready to upload. You may need to request copies of some reports from your hospital or GP.

Essential documents (required for assessment of your case)

1.      Recent blood results from within the last 4-6 weeks: full blood count, liver and kidney function.
2.      Most recent oncology clinic letter confirming diagnosis and treatment to date /treatment proposed.
3.      Scan of a photographic ID document (passport or driving licence).

Desired documents

5.   Radiologist’s report on the most recent scan (if applicable).
6.   Histology/biopsy report (if applicable).

To avoid delays in progressing your case, please ensure that documents uploaded are clear and legible and that blood results are complete and include your full name, date of birth, laboratory details (usually hospital or GP surgery) and the date of collection.

EU Medical Questionnaire