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The Role of Metabolic Therapies in Cancer

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COC Protocol - Potential mechanisms

The COC Protocol and COC Plus - Two Complementary Programmes

The COC Protocol is a specific combination of conventional pharmaceuticals with the potential to work together to target cellular pathways consistently expressed in cancers of all types and stages. Its aim is to restrict the overall ability of cancer cells to take up and use (i.e., ‘metabolize’) energy. The addition of non-cytotoxic agents with well-established safety profiles, seeks to impede the prospects of cancer cell survival, especially in a hostile environment, such as during standard-of-care chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and hormone therapy.

COC Plus is additive to the COC Protocol and focuses on specific parameters of inflammatory and metabolic health which if optimized, may drive improved cancer outcomes. The aim of COC Plus, is to analyse these specific measures, both via specialist blood tests and an in-depth questionnaire. Specialist Care Oncology Doctors will carefully review your COC Plus data and make personalized, evidence-based recommendations to help address root causes, rather than symptoms, and ultimately seek to improve these critical measures which we can continue to track with follow up testing. Recommendations may include advice around diet & nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep and stress.

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Please Note:
If you are not already a patient at COC on the COC Protocol or you are based outside the UK, the COC Plus onboarding journey will be a little different. Rather than enrol in the programme online, please fill out the enquiry form and reference “COC Plus” in the message box.

Care Oncology Provides Expert Medical Supervision for the COC Protocol and COC Plus Programmes

Medical supervision is central to our service given that each patient’s health status, standard of care treatment and other circumstances will naturally evolve.

At Care Oncology, our physicians continuously monitor your overall health status, blood test results, standard of care cancer treatments and other medications being taken, to ensure the COC Protocol and any additional interventions are always carefully tailored to your unique circumstances and needs.

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